3rd for Pamero 4 “Pee” – CIC*** Haras Du Pin

Pee Haras 2

So off we headed to Le Grand Complet – Le Pin-au-Haras (France) – 18th – 23rd August with Pamero 4 “Pee” – CIC*** and Mr Bass “Chuck” & Cooley Again “Nostrils” – CIC**.

Arrived Wednesday 19th August
All 3 boys settled really well in their stables…. All three felt full of themselves when I worked them ? Clearly thriving on Dodson & Horrell feed #proudbrandambassador

Thursday 20th August
Cooley Again tried really hard in his test and was much improved from his last CIC**… He scored 45.3, to be placed 15th, so very happy with him ?

Friday 21st August
Over the moon with Pamero 4… He’s improving all the time in his dressage. He’s lying 5th in CIC*** on a score of 37.2 ? #stillmoretocome

Mr Bass was very good in his test…. Scored 43.2 and is lying in 6th in CIC**.

Saturday 22nd August
CIC** – I have 2 very cool 7yo’s ?
Cooley Again was clear xc just 1 sec over time and Mr Bass was clear inside time ? So proud of my boys ❤

Pamero 4 was totally awesome in the showjumping… Clear but 2 seconds over on a very tight time! He’s now in 3rd going into CIC*** xc tomorrow ?

Sunday 23rd August
Very interesting morning washing legs off and mucking out by torch light whilst there’s a big lightening storm ⚡
Mr Bass & Cooley Again both passed trot up which was also by torch light!!! ?
Thanks to HollandCooper for trot up out fit #top sponsor

CIC** two in the top 10
Mr Bass had an annoying rail which meant Cooley Again moved up to 5th and Mr Bass finished 7th…. Love them both

There are no words to describe Pamero 4… Clear inside time xc to finish 3rd in CIC*** ? He is unreal, I actually can’t describe it ❤

Seriously awesome week in France. My boys have been Stars, so the future is looking very bright. It was so lovely to have all my amazing owners watching and helping! So grateful for all their support ?