Tweseldown 8th & 9th March

Nankin did lovely test had one rail sj and fab round xc – and we ended up 10th

Controe was well behaved in test but not consistent in contact so scored 37. We Sj clear and apart from getting a bit of a surprise at the water and having 20pens… he was brilliant round rest xc!

Noble bestman did one of his best tests… thanks to Felicity’s schooling (I hardly ride him at home now!!) got 27… double clear but they gave him 7 time pens in sj which we contested as he is always speedy in sj!! These time pens cost us 2nd place!

Rayef was very pleased to be out but strutted his stuff and got 20.9 which led the section by 6 marks! Was a bit over excited in sj so had one down and we didn’t run him xc….

Back on Friday with Allora, Cooley, and Outwood Bound and on Saturday with Noble Skyboy – crazy week!