Broken Foot

After a successful trip to Goring where BRAWO won his BE100 on his dressage score of 25.5,we headed off to Blenheim with GRAND MANOEUVRE for the CCI*** and OUZO for the Brightwells Auction.

Unfortunately the week started in disaster when OUZO slipped over on the Tuesday landing on my foot, I was in a lot of pain but was sure by the end of the week I would be ok to ride GRAND MANOEUVRE!
My foot was so swollen that I had to go tomy amazing sponsors, Ariat, and get new boots a couple of sizes bigger!!!! On Thursday I tried jumping to see what my chanves were of being able to go xc on Saturday and annoyingly it was far too painful so I decided to do the dressage on Friday and then go to hospital to get it checked out!
GRAND MANOEUVRE did a lovely test and I felt like we were becoming more of a partnership, he lay in 7th place with a score of 40.8.
I withdrew and reluctantly went to a foot specialist who confirmed I had broken 4 metatarsals in my foot!
The only good news is that he is optimistic that I will be back in time for Boekelo CCI***.

So the plan now is to rest up, get fixed and be ready to GRAND MANOEUVRE to Boekelo CCI***, followed by Le Lion 7yo World Championships with CONTROE and PAMERO!

Fingers crossed all goes to plan!!!!!!!!!