“Bucking fun”!!!!!

Claire Lomas asked me to ride in the eventers vs jockeys bucking bronco fund raising evening…. It was a fantastic night and I hear she raised over £10,000.
When asked by Claire, I didn’t need to think twice… she’s a total inspiration and anything I can do to help her I will.

On the jockeys team they had ‘The Champ’ (A.P. McCoy), Andrew Tinkler, Choc Thornton, Sam Thomas, Mark Bradburne, Alice Fox-Pitt and Dominic Elsworth.

Joining me on the eventers team were William Fox-Pitt, Tina Cook, Lucy Jackson, Jonty Evans, Pheobe Buckley and Bruce Haskell.

As you can imagine it got very competitive!! Luckily the eventers came out on top and I managed to win after staying on the bronco for over 6mins 30secs…. I tried to explain that the last time I fell off, I ended up in a coma, so I have learnt to sit very tight!!!!!!!!

For full report and videos following this link….


I’m now looking forward to Claire’s next fund raiser!!