Happy New Year to everybody!

Over New Year I went to the Ding Dong show at Hand EC, it was a 4 day jumping show.
On the first day they were all very excited to be out, a little too excited and they forgot that they had ever seen a set of showjumps before!!!
Day 2 was slightly better with RAYEF jumping really well in the 1m30, sadly just tipping the last rail down.
CRISTAL was still being a little over excited in the first class so we entered him in a later class where he jumped a lovely clear.
JITTERBUG did the speed class and was flying but when I turned tight to an upright she just didn’t quite get her front legs up quick enough!
In the evening it was the Puissance… I decided to give it a go on JITTERBUG, she has been great in the eventers puissance over a triple bar but I had no idea what she’d make of a solid red brick wall!!!!

She was totally amazing though… she cleared the 1m77 wall in round 5 and ended up winning it, it was shared between 3 of us as there are only 5 rounds!
Coming down to the wall was very nerve racking!!! But what an awesome feeling!!!
Day 3 and day 4 were much better and all the horses started jumping well. JITTERBUG was 5th in the small grand prix on the last day so she managed to pay her way which was nice!!