JAS at Solihull

We took 2 lorries to JAS on Sunday, Grace Walker took VANCOUVER and NOBLE SPRINGBOK, whilst I had my new young one OBOS COOLEY, JITTERBUG, UNO DI LANDRO and MINIMEE.
OBOS COOLEY is a lovely 5yo I bought from Richard Sheane in December. It was his first attempt at JAS and he was brilliant, he jumped double clear in both the intro and BE100, winning the latrter class with a style mark of 5.
UNO DI LANDRO was having his first outing for a while, he was unlucky to have a fence down in both the BE100 and the Novice but I was pleased with how he jumped and excited to have him back out competing.
MINIMEE was on great form and he had one down in the Novice and jumped double clear just adding time faults to his style mark of 3 to finish 6th in the Open.
JITTERBUG was a winner again… she really is amazing and puts a big smile on my face! She jumped double clear in the Novice and the Open finishing on her style mark of 4 to win the Novice and adding 2 time faults to another style mark of 4 to finsih 5th in the Open.
Grace did very well with both of hers picking up a 10th with NOBLE SPRINGBOK in the Open.