London 52 WINS Pau 5*

pau win hug
I’m totally speechless …. I’ve dreamed of this day ever since I first watched Eventing on TV as a kid and decided it was what I wanted to do …. but as much as I dreamed it, I never believed it would actually happen 😱
Today is proof that dreams really can come true 🥰
THANKYOU to everyone who has picked me up when I’ve been down, made me believe in myself and helped me achieve my dream ❤️
Most of all I need to say Thankyou to Keith Scott and Karen Bartlett who trusted me when I said I thought I’d found a superstar but needed their help to buy him 🤣
The biggest Thankyou of all though, goes to LONDON 52, who absolutely smashed his 5* debut by leading from start to finish 🥇