Media Coverage: Eventing Nation Article: Reporter’s Notebook – With Badminton in the Rear view, What can we learn?

Laura Collett by Tilly Berendt Image

The three-year wait for another crack at Badminton Horse Trials felt like it took about a decade — but on the other hand, driving back into those hallowed grounds and stepping into its stone stableyard felt so like a homecoming that it was almost as though we’d never left. And what a week it gave us: a hugely popular win, some extraordinary displays of horsemanship and classic cross-country riding, and a packed-out Saturday that proved that eventing certainly isn’t breathing its last just yet.

So much of the week felt like an enormous success, but it would be remiss of us not to treat any major event as an opportunity for reflection and refinement for the future — and to that end, here are some of the things I’ve been ruminating on in the days since. Much of this is opinion, and wholly subjective, but as always, we’d like to keep the dialogue an open one here at EN, and welcome further discussion in the comments.

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