Round up…..

We have been busy the last few weeks with events and training….

Lincoln was a mixed day, OBOS COOLEY was fantastic jumping a super double clear after a 25 dressage, just a steady run xc for his first event so finished 8th.
CONTROE was far too excited about going xc and we had no steering so picked up 2 run outs on the xc… new xc bit needed!!!!
RAYEF was also a bit cheeky and didn’t respect a corner fence so we had do a circle before the next fence, they gave him 20 pens even though the fences were sepeartely numbered so that was a bit annoying!

The following week we headed to Gatcombe where the star of the show was PAMERO, he led the dressage by 4 marks on 22.5 and jumped a lovely double clear to win.
The next day was full of hail storms and the ground in the showjumping got quite deep and slippery, this upset COOLEY LORD LUX so we didn’t run him xc.
OBOS COOLEY had lead the dressage by 4 marks on 22.3 but he struggled in the ground so had 2 down, he then flew round xc to finish 5th.
NANKIN was having his first run at Intermediate level, he scored 30.9 in the dressage and jumped a fantastic double clear… just steady for his first run at this level but I was so pleased with him, its special because I have had them since a 3yo!
CONTROE was going brilliantly in the new bit xc but I was having such a lovely ride that I completely forgot to ride properly into the water so he came to a stand still… Thrilled that the bit worked but now the jockey needs to ride properly!!!!!

Our next run was at Goring, I ran COOLEY LORD LUX in the novice and he was so happy to have nice ground! He did a great test for 25 and had an unlucky rail to then finish 4th.
CONTROE went for a spin round the novice (hc) to check our brakes out again before he did his first CIC**, he was cheeky in his dressage but jumped a fantastic double clear!
I also rode SANNAN VALLEY JUSTICE for Karen Huyten and she made a couple  of mistakes in her dressage to score 30.5 and followed that up with a great double clear for 3rd.

Belton Park is such a lovely event and a huge Thankyou must go to Stuart Buntine and his team who ran a brilliant event! I had PAMERO doing our first Intermediate together, he finsihed 2nd after just picking up a few time penalties on the xc to add to his dressage of 25.5.
CONTROE was doing his first CIC** and I was pleased with his dressage but he didn’t get a good score, he then was a bit cheeky in the showjumping and had 2 down but redeemed himself by flying round the xc (in control!!!!!)
OBOS COOLEY found the atmosphere all a bit much and was unsettled in his dressage,  he tripped into the first fence showjumping so had it down and then rolled another pole ealry on before jumping really well. He totally redeemed himself round the xc when he was totally awesome, it was his first Advanced and he made it feel easy!
I’ve had CONTROE and OBOS COOLEY since they were 4yo so it means alot now they are stepping up the levels and feeling grown up!!!