Saumur – Friday

Henry did a great test today and we lead the CCI*** section! Whoop whoop Henry was warming up really amazing – until a tractor distracted him – but he did regroup to do a great test – the French judge did not like him marking him down which is sad The course has been beefed up – it is very twisty and has four water complexes; two right at the end of the course – the second last water is one of the hardest questions especially if the horses are a bit tired by then. There are plenty of opportunities to have a run out so we will need to be on our game the whole way round – the early corner fence invites you to have a run out. The xc time is 9.14 and will be hard to get. The going is very sandy and is a bit a deep in places. It has been very sunny and we hear it is due to rain pn Saturday Allora goes at 1115 and Henry at 1552 (French time) Click here for all the info All is well at home which is great – thanks to the team at home who are keeping the whole operation going Laura