Bloomfields Horseboxes

Bloomfields Horseboxes

Bloomfields Horseboxes began in 2005 by founder Dean Moody…

Bloomfields began from humble beginnings, Dean built his first horsebox in the stable yard of his parents house (called Bloomfield), and has since gone from strength to strength. In 2007 Dean took over his first unit on Boughton industrial estate and his first team member to help him keep up with the growing demand.

The demand for Bloomfields Horseboxes soon started to increase and by 2012 Dean had taken on a further 2 units making the total factory size 12,000 square feet, and by 2016 Bloomfields employed 25 of the industry’s most skilled and trained workforce and held VCA Conformity of Production certification and VCA European Type Approval.
Being a horse owner from a young age and a trained vehicle body technician, Dean always strives to challenge the status quo of horsebox manufacture.

Bloomfields is now a world wide recognised brand with an outstanding reputation for exceptional build quality but still offering sensible prices.

Always striving to stay ahead with our innovation, we have a team of engineers and designers who create new innovative features and test new materials to be sure that all of our horseboxes are as strong and safe as can be.

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Take a look at Laura’s new horsebox from Bloomfields below…