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I am delighted to welcome CCMS Ltd as a sponsor for the 2015 season and beyond.

I have known Maggie personally for over 20 years, as she’s watched my progress with total admiration through winning gold medals at pony Europeans to becoming European champion, team and individual gold, at Junior and young rider level to being reserve for the London Olympics in the tough sport of Eventing.

In July 2013 when I survived my rotational fall whilst competing at a British Eventing competition. I was taken to Southampton Neurological Hospital with suspected head injuries, internal injuries including liver and lung as well as a host of fractures. I was intubated and in a coma for several days.

Thanks to the fantastic care I received at Southampton and then at Oaksey House Rehabilitation Centre I made a full recovery. My only lasting damage is that I am blind in one eye.

CCMS Ltd visit clients across the globe to assess their needs to enable them to function at as high a level as possible after illness or injury. CCMS Ltd  feel that Laura is a wonderful example of what can be achieved through true grit and determination and feel that I stand for everything we try to help our clients to achieve.

“We are delighted to be sponsoring Laura and hope this will help her achieve her ultimate goal of winning medals at the Olympics”, Maggie Sargent.

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