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I am very fortunate to represent Dodson & Horrell, and have done as a Brand Ambassdor for over 10 years. Nutrition is an invaluable aspect in the success of my event horses, so I am very grateful for the backing and support that Dodson & Horrell offer me.

We review all the horses weight and diets on a regular basis with a Nutritionist, they also provide me with regular forage analysis as well. I like to use Alfalfa Oil Plus for the majority of my horses as the fibre and the oil helps give them a shiny coat. I started using Elite Sports Muesli in 2018 and was very impressed with the results. The horses look fantastic and feel great with plenty of energy. Build Up Cubes are great for the horses who struggle to maintain condition!

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If you are seeking feeding advice then call our Nutritional helpline team on 01270 782223