Ever since I can remember, I’ve always used a Racesafe Body Protector. I love the freedom that they provide, they’re very light, you almost don’t really feel like you’ve got any form of restrictive wear on and I’ve proven that they’re very good at protecting you as well.

I’ve recently upgraded to the Racesafe Motion3 body protector with the MotionAir Air Jacket built in as a combination. When I wore this at Blenheim a lot of people were a little worried that I wasn’t wearing an air vest because it so discreet and looks just like a Racesafe body protector, so I did have to confirm to a few people that I did still have an air jacket on!

Racesafe are specialists in equestrian safety wear and apparel, with a product range synonymous with safety, performance and style.  50 years of experience and development underpins every body protector that leaves the Racesafe factory, and each model has the latest European and BETA standards of protection with market-leading comfort and weight levels. By working with leading riders around the world to meet the demands of top-level competition, Racesafe make it their goal to offer this level of performance to every rider.

For more information, please contact the Racesafe team on 01536 771051 or email: info@racesafe.co.uk

You can also visit their website here: https://www.racesafe.co