Sanderson Hay Steamers

Sanderson Hay Steamers

I was delighted to become Sanderson Hay Steamers first Brand Ambassador in April 2023.

Here’s their story:-

In 2019 Sanderson Brothers decided to create a new hay steamer, one that is energy efficient and easy to use. The ultimate solution for hygienic hay. They needed the perfect product designers to bring this to life and found 3fD, a very clever team of innovators. And so began an intensive new product development programme, one that 3fD typically undertakes for pioneering medical products. Every aspect of the new Sanderson™ hay steamer has been meticulously thought through. Bespoke patent pending technology and quality engineering make sure steaming hay can now be easy, reliable, fast and efficient.

I’d had my eye on one of their hay steamers for some time and then Sanderson lent us one which was perfect timing as we used it daily for Cal’s debut 2023 5* Badminton preparation.

Everyone at Team Collett has loved using the Sanderson Hay Steamer. The different settings are easy to use and time efficient but also much safer, with the steamer turning off once it’s finished. It puts us all at ease knowing that the hay is being consistently steamed to remove any bacteria and dust throughout the bale, with all the guesswork taken out of the process. And most importantly the horses all love it. It’s such a brilliant addition to the yard that we now at least of three our horses on steamed hay because it’s so convenient to use.

If you want to get your hands on one too, sign up to the Sanderson priority list over on Instagram@haysteamersUK, and you’ll get the option to buy at a massive discount before they are officially available. All you do is sign up to the list, there’s no commitment or visit