Support Team

Laura Browne (Hons) MSc AM MAA

McTimoney Animal Therapist

Laura is a fully qualified & insured McTimoney Animal practitioner registered with the McTimoney Animal Association. Her treatment includes McTimoney chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue and massage techniques to identify musculoskeletal asymmetries and promote straightness.

Tom Campbell BVSc MRCVS


Tom Campbell of Bourton Vale Equine Clinic is our regular vet and he is fantastic. The horses’ care is always paramount. He is actively involved in all aspects of his practice, running their scintigraphy (bone scanning) unit and can turn his hand to surgery when required.

He particularly specialises in lameness investigations, predominantly racehorse, polo and sport horses. The vets and staff continue to support us through our trials and tribulations and we’re very grateful for their excellence.

Tracey Collett

My Mum

My Mum Tracey “aka Marge” is AMAZING and as cliched as it might sound I wouldn’t have got where I am today without her dedication & sacrifices.

She has been and will continue to be a huge support and the most important member of my team. From the age of 2 she has been integral to developing my riding and career over the years as well as running of the yard up until this year. She comes to numerous events throughout the year and is the best Tea maker on the eventing circuit. I think the owners love her as much as I do.

Alice Dorman EEBW

Equine Sports Massage

Alice is an experienced and skilled massage therapist, specialising in equine sports rehabilitation and therapeutic massage.

Greig Elliott Dip WCF (Hons)


No yard can succeed without the help of a good farrier. Greig keeps the horses’ feet in top condition, and joined the World Class Programme in April 2017 working as team Farrier for the Podium Eventing squad.

Allisya Fattore

Equine Groom (level 3) apprenticeship

Allisya joined the team in February 2022,  having left school in 2021 to begin her career in horses joining the apprenticeship scheme which is a practical, “hands on”  approach to gain vital knowledge, skills and experience.  Allysia is a real British Eventing enthusiast who is also going to be competing on her young horse up through the grades with us.

Polly Holbrook

Yard Groom

Polly joined the team in June 2021, as extra cover over the summer due to the yards competition schedule. Polly has a wealth of experience in eventing having worked for a number of 5* eventing yards

Polly has a great sense of fun and some amazing experiences to add to the team, she’s a lovely kind person & within a short space of time, shown how hardworking & what invaluable addition she was to the team so we asked her to join us permanently, when her three month contract ended & we were all delighted when she accepted!

Tilly Hughes

Travelling Groom

Tilly originally joined the team back in November 2018 for a year before heading off to have a year travelling, COVID 19 put paid to those plans and she rejoined us earlier than planned in August 2020. 

Tilly is the consummate professional, with the horses being turned out immaculately, she is an absolute pleasure to have on the team & became a real asset to the yard within a very short space of time.

We were so proud when Tilly Won the Groom of the Year Award 2021.

Elsa Ireland

Yard Groom

Elsa joined the team in February 2022 since completing college in 2020, she’s worked in a family & 5* event yard schooling and competing horses in Dressage, SJ and Eventing. She brings experience in exercising, preparation for competitions including clipping, trimming, pulling and plaiting to a high standard.  Elsa is also producing her own 5yo to compete successfully up through the grades.

Brea Walker

Yard Groom

Brea joined the team in February 2022 returning to the UK from her home country New Zealand where she had been Coaching, schooling, and campaigning horses for owners up to 2 level. After leaving High​ School in 2018, she came to the UK and worked for Sir Mark Todd & William Fox Pitt during 2019 where she gained great experience in working on 5​* eventing yards then sadly due to COVID she had to return the NZ.

Claire King

The Office

Claire is the “office” and has been part of Team since 2009. She looks after all the administration / secretarial jobs relating to the business, the day-to-day financial affairs and monthly billing, assists me with managing all of my  sponsorship/PR/Marketing inc the website, staff recruitment, etc or basically anything not directly related to the actual day to day care of the horses.