Friday of Tweseldown….

Allora 3 did a nice test with a couple of mistakes and got 31.5, she had one down in sj… she found them a bit small so didn’t respect them after jumping 1m30 BSJA over the winter!! She was great round the xc.
Outward Bound was quite fresh and was a bit on edge in his test, he managed to contain himself (just!!) and got 30.5, he also had one down in sj and flew round the xc.
Obos Cooley was a bit behind the leg in his test but managed to score a 29.5 and jumped a fab double clear… he finds it all very easy! He picked up a 10th rosette!

Saturday of Tweseldown…

Brookfield Cult King behaved well in his dressage and scored 32.5, he finished on this score and ended up 7th.
Noble Skyboy wasn’t very impressed at having to do dressage and thought he should just be going xc! He was unsettled in his test and scored 36.5, he made up for it by flying round the sj and xc! He picked up an 8th place!