World Mental Health Day #ThinkBeforeYouType

riders minds
Couldn’t agree more …. well s aid Gemma Tattersall😘
I’m putting on my brave pants today (the ones I usually keep for taking this boy round the big ones!)
When used well Social Media can be an amazing thing and can help people in so many ways – supporting sponsors, engaging with fans, helping someone’s career, finding a dog that’s gone missing, the list goes on… I find that people love to follow my horses, to see a bit of behind the scenes and to follow and celebrate my good results and support me when they’re not so good too. I try and make a joke of when it goes wrong or I fall off but obviously we all like it when it goes well!
I try to use SM in a positive and professional way. In the past I’ve said things I regret and apologised for what I’ve said to the appropriate people. I feel I’ve learnt from this and really want it to be a positive place.
Now to the other side, I find it very strange that people go to SM to be negative and criticise others when they simply don’t know all the facts. Some of the things I read I actually cannot believe – there is so much in the news and ironically on SM about mental health and trying to support people that might be struggling, yet spouting off on SM seems to be acceptable. In my eyes it’s just not ok, if you can’t say it to someones face then don’t say it at all, if it’s not helpful or kind then don’t say it, if you don’t know ALL the facts about whatever you maybe posting about then really you shouldn’t have an opinion.
Remember there is likely to be someone behind the scenes who is working their butt off trying to do their best and whatever it is you feel you need to write might well upset or affect them in a massive way.
Please try to remember that most people are just trying to do their best. Most people are trying to go about their business in the only way they know how and your post could have a massive impact on someone else’s mental health, business, wellbeing, sleep that night, again the list goes on….
If this little post just makes one person think before they post then I feel like I’ve helped.
Let’s use SM for whats it’s meant for. Be positive, be kind and be helpful.
Just THINK before you type ❤️